Antwerp and diamonds

For over 5 centuries, Antwerp has been the biggest and most reliable diamond center in the world. The city checks as many as four-fifths of the crude market and half of the polished diamonds market and has four major diamond exchange centers. It's not only an economic story, it is also a story of craftmanship, technology, traditions and creativity as can bee seen in the video below. Would you like to experience what diamond means in Antwerp? You can find plenty of information beneath.

'Antwerp loves diamonds' map

The 'Antwerp loves diamonds' map takes you through the diamond story of Antwerp. The map gives an overview of the historical and modern locations, unique tips and useful information about Antwer as city of diamonds. You can also find tips, an overview of labeled jewellers, information about the diamond district, the city center and much more. You can download the map here.

'Antwerp loves diamonds' app

Thanks to this app, everyone can now discover how this diamond story started and what goes on behind closed doors in the diamond district. Learn everything there is to know about diamonds in Antwerp in the eight themes of this app, which virtually opens the door of this industry.

Discover the eight themes:

  • Facts
  • Historic overview
  • From the mine to your finger
  • Who does what
  • Hall of fame
  • We speak diamonds
  • Purchase
  • List of locations

The application is available in four languages and can be downloaded for free from the App storeor the Google Play store.

DIVA. Antwerp home of Diamonds

In DIVA, you discover hoe surprising, diverse and current the 'Briljantwerp' story is! DIVA is the unique fusion between the former Diamond- and Silvermuseum. Just like the diamond, she is mysterious and multidimensional. She reconnects Antwerp again with all tha aspects of its brilliant past. 

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