Shine bright like a diamond

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The Reuveni family established Diamond Blue more than 30 years ago in Israel. The first shop opened its doors in Antwerp in 1994 and a second was established in 2009. Over the past three decades, the family-run company has created a luxurious brand, which continuously focuses on high-quality, innovative design. Diamond Blue is one of Antwerp’s most visited jewellery meccas.

If you see a piece of jewellery displayed in a shop, surrounded by hundreds of other designs all dazzling you at the same time, it can be hard to pick out the right one. “Firstly we offer every client a nice cup of coffee and give them a full introduction on diamonds,” says manager Tomer Reuveni, continuing: “You may have time to ask for something truly unique made, and you won’t spend more than your budget since you will have time to look around and price things out.”

Reuveni points out that the jewellery boutique runs its own atelier, designs and creates individual pieces within 24 hours so even weekend visitors can get the unique piece within a day. “The styles range from classic to modern and you're presented with a curated selection of pieces tailored to your budget and style preferences,” he comments.

Every diamond comes with a certificate either from the GIA laboratory or the Antwerp Diamond High Council, the top diamond certifica tion organisations. “That way, you know exactly what you're getting,” says Reuveni. Diamond Blue is part of Antwerp’s Most Brilliant, one of the 12 most qualitative and reliable jewellers located in the diamond world capital. So no matter what you are looking for, you can find something you will love at Diamond Blue Jewellery.

Vestingstraat 77, 2018 Antwerp
+32 3 213 15 22