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Being a member of Antwerp's Most Brilliant, we are able to offer our clients a splendid expertise and a broad range where you will certainly find something that suits your preferences. We are happy to help you in your search!

Broad selection of certified diamonds

We have a broad selection of diamonds, certified by the 3 official accredited laboratories (GIA, HRD and IGI). Diamonds with a certificate from 0,30 until 2,50 carats are available in the shop in different colours and clarity. They can easily be placed in a jewel of your coice.

If you are looking for diamonds bigger than 2,50 carats, please give us a call beforehand and we'll make sure we have what you are looking for in store.

Advice provided by experts

Because we have all the expertise in house, every customer can count on an elaborated explanation and the necessary information about buying a diamond. We are happy to answer all your questions and give more information about our products. This way, we make sure that every one of our clients gets a professional service and is able to evaluate a purchase in the future.

For more information about our selected diamonds, contact us.

Questions? Contact us!

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